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Pet-Friendly Home Building

Once upon a time dogs lived outside in archaic devices known as “dog houses.” But people everywhere now generally agree that this was a bad move. Instead, dog owners (or “parents”) everywhere decided it was time for a more personal and permanent solution. And just like that, dogs of every shape and size got a place at the table, on the couch, in the bed, on the bathroom rug, and so on. But living with pets doesn’t mean living in a zoo. Here are some design tips for saving space by building with your pet in mind.

1. Make an Entrance (and an exit)

Some parts of pet ownership are, let us say, more delightful than others. When your pet has a call of the wild at 2 a.m., a doggy door can be worth its weight in gold. More modern solutions also exist to help your pet make a dignified exit, such as carved-out wall space in laundry or utility rooms or garages. There are also lots of solutions to solve the doggy door problem without putting a spike in your energy bill.

2. Take Action on Traction

We’ve all seen it. There’s a knock at the door, and some poor pup, accelerating like a drag racer on ice, pulls a Bambi on a hardwood floor. The struggle is real. Give your pup something to hold onto, whether that be carpet (gasp!), a very well attached rug, or even concrete if it isn’t too slippery. Whatever you choose, make sure to get the weapons-grade version, something to hold up to years of frantic claw marks.

3. Make a Place for Everything

Nothing goes with that top-end, digital, brushed aluminum refrigerator like a 50-pound bag of dog food sitting on the floor next to a flooded water bowl and a trail of kibble. Planning in advance for all those pet accessories will save you time and prolong your sanity. Imagine a slide-out container for dog food, an indented wall for food and water bowls, a special nook for that sprawling, hairy dog bed. This one will change your life.

4. Plan for Mischief

Separation anxiety is all an act. Your dog can’t wait for you to leave so it can sit on all the comfy furniture, clear out the clutter on that windowpane for a better view of the yard, attempt to overrun pantry security, and do all the doggy things it wants as it reigns over its domain. Anticipate this. Make pet-friendly seating for your dog everywhere you think it can reach. Because it will. Resilient furniture and thoughtful design can help you stay pet friendly.

Trust us, planning ahead for your pet is the key to starting off on the right paw. Customizing your home plan to accommodate a pet-friendly lifestyle can mean the difference between “Aw, that kitty belongs to the lady in the nice house down the street” and “Oh, that one belongs to the cat lady. Don’t encourage it.” Before you build, bring your plan or choose one from United Built Homes. We know how important Fluffy is to you. We feel (almost) the same way about our clients. Give us a call, and we’ll help you find home/pet harmony.