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Decisions, Decisions: Bathtubs

There are some home-building decisions that you really want to get right the first time. Unlike replacing a door or changing out window treatments, trading out a bathtub or shower after your home is built can be quite a job with quite a price tag. Before you commit to decades of iffy bathroom décor, do your homework and know your options.

This article assumes you have already weighed the pros and cons of bathtub management. And, since you have opted in favor of a tub instead of a nifty stand-up shower or tub-shower combo, bucking the trends toward big space-saving showers in favor of a sprawling tub, we congratulate you on being a baby boomer. But seriously, when looking for that perfect tub, here are some things to consider.

Freestanding tubs are a classic touch with many models ranging from modern to sort of ancient. Pick styles as diverse as the expensive but popular copper horse trough models or the always edgy, weaponized espresso cup designs.

If freestanding tubs are a bit too modern for your tastes, you might channel your inner Elizabeth Taylor and opt for a clawfoot tub. These are basically bathtubs with big claw feet. Doesn’t get less modern than that, and that’s just how you like it.

Also popular and slightly kinder to your square footage are the Japanese soaking tubs. Also available in all variety of brushed metals and acrylics, this type of tub is both a conversation piece and a giant, post-modern bucket for washing your bum.

If you’re a man who has ever sported a mullet, you know that any reputable bathtub needs jets and lights. For you, it’s indoor Jacuzzi time. You’ve arrived my friend. The rest is just details.

For those looking to really class up the joint while undeniably expressing their extreme individuality, common styles are really no option at all. Your heart yearns for a canoe-shaped tub or a giant high-heel shoe or a thin line of carved single-block magnesium. Feast your eyes.

It’s your world and your bathroom. You pick it and we’ll fit it. United Built Homes is ready to turn your dreams and nightmarish eccentricities into real life. We’re ready when you are.