United Built makes home ownership easy by building on your land or lot. If you don’t already have land, we can simplify that process, too. We’re happy to help you find the right location to build your dream home and, as part of your home purchase, we may also be able to assist with the financing of your land.

Buying a Lot

It’s easy when you know how! United Built has more than half a century of experience, so we can make the process smooth for you. Talk with your sales associate at your local office to arrange for a free building site evaluation.

Choose a location

Start your Property Search with a Map!

What neighborhood will be best for you? Here’s where you need to think about your preferences, your lifestyle, and your plans for the future. Do you like to bike to work? Want to be able to stroll down to the local café for your morning coffee? Or would you prefer to be in a rural setting, where noise and traffic won’t bother you? Shopping, schools, and kids’ extra curricular opportunities are some of the issues to consider, but don’t forget to think about what you like to do for fun.

What kinds of homes are already in the neighborhood? Your home keeps its maximum value when it’s comparable in size and cost to others in the neighborhood. There may also be covenants or zoning rules to consider. Even just from the point of view of aesthetics, your home will look its best when it harmonizes with the others on your block.

Explore the area and talk to the neighbors. Is there a racetrack in hearing distance? Are area children in the habit of heading through the lot on their way to school? Are there open fields and ponds around? Any of these things – and a host of other details – might be positive or negative, depending on your point of view.

Get to Know the Lot

Next, examine the property itself. You may be surprised to learn how the terrain can affect construction costs. For example, hilly land may seem charming, but it may be more expensive to build your home there than on flatter ground. Ask to see photos of the land at different times of year and ask about matters like whether the driveway becomes hard to negotiate in the winter.

What utilities are available at the property? Is it situated in a flood zone? These questions may not come to mind on a sunny day, but they are important to your future happiness in your new home.

Does the property have a driveway and road access? If not, there will be costs associated with building the driveway: culvert, gravel, grading, and permits are all considerations. UBH can help with this process as well.

Does your Lot Suit the House you Want?

Make sure the lot you’re considering will accommodate the house plan you have in mind. Here’s where our experienced sales associates can really help! We have a huge assortment of house plans to choose from, and as long as there is room to build, we can customize the plans to suit your lot.

Think about trees on the lot, the kind of outdoor space you want and need, and the shape of the floor plan. Our associates will measure and mark the lot for you, so you can be certain the house you have in mind will work with the lot you’re considering.

Do the paperwork

When you purchase a lot on which to build your home, you’ll need survey and title work. These processes ensure that you will have clear ownership of the land. Fortunately, United Built can assist you with this task, which can often be expensive and confusing.

Call United Built at 877.756.2525 today to set up a meeting with a sales associate at your local office. We can work with you from the beginning to make sure that your new home is just what you need.