Zero Down • 100% Financing • No Payments for One Year*

Save thousands of dollars with in-house financing! United Built Homes is the ONLY on-your-site builder in the region that offers true in-house financing. That means you can be in your new, custom built home without spending a penny in up-front closing costs.

Some lenders charge up to $10,000 in up-front closing costs on a $150,000 home:

There are usually no out-of-pocket expenses when you finance with United Built Homes. You're practically home free!

Conventional vs UBH Financing

This chart is for example only; actual figures will vary depending on loan amount and other factors.

* United Built Homes does not charge origination fees. For customers requiring a land payoff, a service fee may be included on their United Built loan. 

*No Payments for One Year does not apply to all loan products.  Please contact us for more details.

The Top Four Tips for Good Credit

1. Maintain a Healthy Credit History

Pay your bills on time, reduce your debt balances, and make sure your credit report is error-free.

Worried about your credit? At United Built Homes, we try to make home ownership a reality for you. Each customer’s financing situation is personally evaluated by our finance team. Because we don’t use automated underwriting techniques, we can consider additional factors to help find a way to finance your new home.

2. Keep a Low Debt-to-Income Ratio

Your debt-to-income ratio is your total amount of debt compared to your income. Check your debt-to-income ratio now. The lower the ratio, the better. Car loans, student loans, and credit card balances can be huge contributors to your debt load. Try to pay down balances and avoid making big purchases, such as a new car, right before you try to finance your new home.

3. Use Your Property to Your Advantage

If you own property and its value has increased since you bought it, you have built up equity. You may be able to use your property as collateral, and have no down payment on your new home.

Don't own your property free and clear? You don't have to own your property free and clear to be able to build a home with United Built Homes. Contact your local sales office to find out more about financing options that would allow you to finance both your new home and the amount you owe on your property.

4. Be Realistic About How Much You Can Afford

Someone who may have difficulty getting financing for a more expensive house may not have any trouble getting approved for one that is less expensive. Call your local United Built office to discuss your needs with a sales associate. We’ll help you find the United Built home that will best fit your needs and your budget.