Why UBH? | United Built Homes

Why UBH?

There are countless contractors out there, homes ready to buy, and rentals available for any length of time. What makes United Built Homes any different than the rest of the housing industry? Well, for starters, United Built Homes is a one-stop shop. Consolidating all the services you need under one roof allows UBH to prepare, design, supply, and even finance your new home. Not many construction companies can claim that. The benefit to our customers is savings. No need to shop around for every little service. Whatever it is, we can take care of it.

If it concerns building your new home, it concerns us. We don’t settle for sub-par materials. In fact, we have our own lumber yard and instant access to the best construction materials available. Our resources save you time and money. United Built Homes also offers true in-house financing, letting our customers save thousands on up-front closing costs and often start construction with no money down. These sorts of amenities just don’t happen with other contractors. If you have experience with building a home, you will notice the difference immediately.

The biggest difference between UBH and other builders is you! No one places a higher value on customer satisfaction than United Built Homes. From day one, you are a member of the team.

United Built Homes streamlines the home-building process in a way that takes the hassle out of what should be a very happy time. Micromanage if you like, or take a step back and watch your home appear. However you want to play it, we’re on your team, and we’ve been in this game a long time. When you have questions, our experts have answers. When you change your mind, our experts have time. Whatever you need, if it involves building your new home, United Built Homes has the experience and the tools to make it happen.