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Picking the Perfect Porch

The porch is a special place. In that struggle between private life and the outside world, the porch is an armistice zone, a sanctuary. We sit on our front porches and watch the world go by from a place of safety. We lounge on back porches and watch the rustling trees or the rippling water. Or more often in the South, we entertain our friends from a screened-in porch, take in some fresh air and enjoy the break from the relentless assault of summer insects.

Whenever and however the porch is used, most porch owners agree that there is nothing better in life. When you’re ready to live the dream, there are really four main options with unlimited ways to customize those decisions. But choosing a porch isn’t just about looks. It’s about lifestyle. Here now is a general discussion of the pros and cons of porch types. Feel free to share your own porch stories and preferences in the comments.

Front Porch

The classic domain of the rocking chair and the nosy neighbor, the front porch is the best seat in the house for watching neighborhood drama unfold. Put another way, front porches inspire a sense of community. It’s a great place for just about everything else too, or at least the things you don’t mind your neighbors seeing. A front porch is a spot that almost always gets attention and adds to the appeal of your front entryway.

Back Porch

A little more secluded, a lot less formal, the back porch offers a more casual place to entertain or sit and watch the kids. As backyards tend to be bigger than front yards, and because backyards are often fenced in, the back porch can be the perfect, shady place to watch the kids play, to enjoy the family barbecue, to pop an adult beverage and tell your neighbor a story entirely unsuited to front porch décor.

Wraparound Porch

When you need a porch that functions a little more like a room, a wraparound porch can be just the thing. If your family spends a lot of time outside, or if you have an expansive yard with views on multiple sides, wraparound porches can offer more connectivity to your land. Enjoy a garden view and a water view from the same porch. Wraparound porches are also good if you have a corner lot.

Screened-In Porches

As stated above, in the Deep South, screened-in porches can be a necessity in the depths of summer, when insects are out looking for porch lights exposed legs. The screened-in porch lets you enjoy the sights and smells of summer without the suffering. There are many options for screening in your porch, and some are better than others. Remember to factor in how much light you want coming through, as there are options that provide shade as well as protection.

Whatever type of porch fits your lifestyle, United Built Homes can help you get exactly what you want. Discuss all the details of building your new home with our experts and rest assured that the job will be done right the first time.